Here at International @CampusLife we help students, and their families, with all sorts of non-academic problems.

We are fully trained immigration specialists but will try and assist with any queries about being an international student in the UK that you might have.

We run welcome activities over the main arrival periods, as well as social activities and trips throughout the year. We hope very much to see and welcome you on those soon.

You may like to watch our All about...ICL video which tells you all about the team and our work in more detail.

We have put together a set of International Students Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and so please check there first if you are looking for specific information.

Social events, trips and activities

International@ CampusLife run social activities, events and monthly trips (or virtual trips) throughout the year which are open to all Swansea University students and we actively encourage people to engage with those- no matter where in the world they are from. Please have a look at the Welcome Activities and GO! Social sections of our web pages for further information about what is going on. Some activities are designed with families in mind, so if you have your family with you please look out for those on our Fatsoma ticket page and via your student email. We hope very much to welcome you on those soon.

If you would like to help us organise and deliver some of these social activities, you are able to do so whilst working towards gaining valuable employability skills. You do this by becoming one of our ICL GO! Team. Information about the GO!Team, as well as other volunteering opportunities, can be found via DISCOVERY Student Volunteering Service.

Getting the help and advice you need

It is important to International @CampusLife that they are available to support as many students as possible students as quickly as we can. 

We have a very comprehensive website providing detailed information about a variety of international student issues.To see if you can get the advice you need right now, it is worth checking our International Student FAQs first to see if you find the answer you need there.

For answers to queries that can't be solved via the web, the team run Monday to Friday Quick Queries sessions via our Live Chat facility,  virtual/live face to face methods. If you have a complex query it is best to email us and an Adviser will arrange any necessary follow up sessions direct with you.

Please do not contact us by multiple methods about the same query- we are a very small team and there are more than 4000 international students (plus applicants) at Swansea University we need to support. Sending multiple communications about the same thing causes delays in our response to you and your fellow students- we appreciate your support and understanding.

Please see below for more details about the Quick Queries sessions.

Contact International@CampusLife

ICL Quick Queries Sessions

Polite notice: We are currently receiving an extraordinary amount of communications. Unfortunately, many students are using Wonder/Live Chat/face to face to 'chase up' or ask the same questions that they have already posed to us via email. This is causing an unnecessary duplication of work which we are keen to avoid in order to ensure everyone is getting a response as quickly as possible and staff are not answering the same queries twice (or more!). We are a very small team of advisers and there are 4000+ international students at Swansea University (plus applicants) who we need to support. For this reason we will just tell you to wait for a response to your emails if you attempt to contact us via multiple methods about the same thing. We answer all queries within 3 woking days, though in reality it is normally closer to 1. We also triage the mailbox to constantly to ensure genuinely urgent queries are answered quickly. 

Please also refrain from contacting multiple teams across the University about the same query as this also generates unnecessary communication traffic and makes it harder for staff to answer all queries quickly- we are sure you can appreciate that.

Outside of the ICL staff access times and methods below, if you cannot find the information you need in our webpages, please send us an email so we can support you the best we can. Make sure you include your student number and as much detail as possible in your email (including copies of any visas referred to). This will help us answer you quickly and reduce the amount of back and fore between you and the team. 

Please rest assured we really are answering emails and dealing with queries as quickly as we can and we very much appreciate your patience.

  • Live Chat for Quick Queries is usually available at set times on: Monday (1-3pm), Tuesday (1-3pm) and Friday (10am-12Noon)

Please click here to join our Live Chat facility at the times stipulated above.

  • Virtual (face to face) Quick Queries is usually available via Wonder at set times: Monday (11am-12Noon), Wednesday (10am-12Noon) and Thursday (1-3pm)

Wonder is accessible via this page (please note this service is for enrolled students and you will need to provide your studne number. Only accessible via laptop/PC)

  • In person for 10 minute 'Quick Queries' is usually available at set times: Tuesdays 10am -12 Noon (Park Campus) and Thursdays 10-12 Noon (Bay Campus). Appointments for Quick Queries must be pre-booked, and if we can answer your query before the appointment, we'll contact you by email to advise you.